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best doctor for backpain in delhi

Full Body PEMF Mattress

Low Field Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Helmet for depression

Almag 01 PEMF Device FDA registered

Almag 02 PEMF Device FDA registered

Physiotherapy at our therapy centre

Physiotherapy....We Treat Injuries Others Can not Fix. Successfully Treating Difficult Injuries

knee pain relief without surgery

vericose veins, diabetic wound, diabetic retinopathy , diabetic neuropathy , non healing wound

depression treatment

Low field transcranial magnetic stimulation for all neurological and psychiatric problems

get best treatment for pain

We makes no medical claims as to benefit of our device and methods

back pain treatment

Hair growth laser device FDA registered technology

Knee And Shoulder Pain Therapeutic Device, Usage: Household

emtech PEMF device

Omi pemf whole body mattress

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physiotherapy clinic in south Delhi

As we know that physiotherapy is one of the best in pemf trans clinic. we provide physiotherapy consultation and treatment for general population which it can provide you the best facilities and make better productive progression.we understand your problem and make you satisfied with your deeds and needs. The centers are spearheaded by one of the best physiotherapists of India.our center has the best and experienced doctors and specialist who have 20 years of service in physiotherapy


About us :

We specialized in physiotherapy and we are one of the best clinics in south Delhi


1)    We provide best service and treatment with latest technologies called pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

2)    We don’t provide knee replacement surgery and we guarantee that for 90% and we sure you will be satisfied with our treatment.

3)    We provide highly experienced doctors that will make your problem solve easily.


Latest technologies

1)Geriatric Physiotherapy

2)Dry Needling

3) Osteopathy

4) Paralysis


1 Get treated very uniquely

2 Save money and save time associated with going to a hospital.

3 Great treatment and make a more progressive form of service.






1 All our specialist is highly experienced in service and physiotherapy


2 More than 6 years of clinical experience are signified with more rumble.


3 High degree certificate and high-rank doctors are provided in our clinic.


 Management at the clinic includes full and Comprehensive to make more reference in providing with better progression and pretend with the treatment, Treatment Plans, communication with referring Physicians and Physiotherapy Treatment from Initial Care to full facilities and provide better opportunities with the process. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of  Sports and Spinal Injuries and Post-Operative Orthopedic Rehabilitation. Exercise Rehabilitation for Sports Injury and Prevention.Cardiac Rehabilitation and Geriatric Group Therapies. Intricate Conservative Management for major Spine problem with illness for orthopedic, Neurological, Gynaec and Obs, Cardiopulmonary and other systemic conditions from Injury to Fast Track Return to Wor  from Sports Injury to Return to Sports from Wellness to Peak Performance (First in India)


    Physiotherapy Services

1 Knee Pain Physiotherapy

2 Back Pain Physiotherapy

3 Neck Pain Physiotherapy

4 Lymphedema Management

5 Balance Rehabilitation

6 Stroke Physiotherapy

7 Sports Injury Physiotherapy

8 Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

9 Posture Correction

We make people satisfied with our treatment and service.pemf trans is the best clinic which you can get more redemption and criteria form of service with unity this is one of the most important components of overall treatment system adopted by our patient. The programmes are degradable with long-term progression.