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Almag 02 PEMF Device FDA registered

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ALMAG-2, vers. 2

How it works 

Clinical trials conducted by the Russian Federation Ministry of Health have proved the below listed therapeutic effects of ALMAG®-02: 

  1. generates pulsed electro magnetic field that recovers membrane permeability, normalizes diffusive and osmotic processes in the cells. It increases the enzymatic reaction speed and normalizes biological membrane transport properties; 
  2. accelerates the repair processes, increases immune response of the body; 
  3. raises internal tone, increases performance efficiency; 
  4. relieves pain, having a wholesome effect on sleeping and emotional state; 
  5. provides the capillary opening;
  6. in case of coxarthrosis and polyarthritis:
    • helps to avoid joint replacement surgery; 
    • relieves pain and stops the inflammatory processes; 
    • recovers normal blood circulation and metabolic processes in the hip joint, enhances overall mobility and improves the quality of life;
  7. in case of varicose:
    • analgizes, soothes muscles and prevents spasmodic strictures; 
    • relieves vein inflammation and reduces the risk of thrombus formation; 
    • disperses swellings, heals trophic ulcers; 
    • reduces pressure in deep and subcutaneous veins, increases the vascular wall tone and improves their elastic properties;
  8. in case of atherosclerosis:
    • improves memory and concentration; 
    • reduces fatigue and irritability; 
    • normalizes cardiac function, relieves the syndrome of "cold limbs";
  9. in case of cystitis:
    •  increases the urinary bladder and sphincter apparatus tone; 
    •  relieves pain and eliminates the "burning" with urination; 
    •  reduces the amount of retained urine in the bladder, reducing the time between the urgencies to urinate. 

    Why choose ALMAG®-02?

    ALMAG®-02 is an innovative medical device that has 79 unique, clinically proven therapeutic treatment programs. Each program has been developed with account for the type of the disease and triggers off just at the touch of the button. 
    It is specially designed by scientists and physicians as an effective intensive treatment method of complex disorders. 
    Three types of emitters allow to make an effect on different areas simultaneously. 
    ALMAG®-02 helps at any disease stage. The device is effective even in cases where drugs and other treatment methods failed. 
    ALMAG®-02 successfully treats acute and chronic diseases not only in hospitals but also in home conditions.

    Technical Features

    Peak induction value on the emitter inductor surfaces: 

    ?) for «travelling field» type: 
    for the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear: from 2 to 25 mT;  
    b) for «stationary field» type: 
    for the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear: from 2 to 6 mT;  
    for local emitter: from 2 to 45 mT.  

    Pulse repetition frequency of the magnetic field: 

    For the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear: 
    ?) for «travelling field» type: 
    from 1 pps to 75 pps at 25 mT induction;  
    from 1 pps to 100 pps at 2-20 mT induction;  
    b) for «stationary field» type: 
    from 1 pps to 16 pps at 2-6 mT induction;  
    c) for local emitter: 
    from 1 pps to 50 pps at 34-45 mT induction;  
    from 1 pps to 100 pps at 2-30 mT induction.  
    Relative deviation of the magnetic field pulse repetition frequency: within the range of 5%. 

    Package Contents

    Option 1 
    1. Primary emitter – 1 pc. 
    2. Flexible emitting linear – 1 pc. 
    Option 2 
    1. Primary emitter – 1 pc. 
    2. Flexible emitting linear – 1 pc. 
    3. Local emitter – 1 pc.

    Device for the local magneto therapy by PEMF and tPEMF

    Device is intended for the local magnetotherapy by travelling and pulsed magnetic field in medical offices, as well as at home on doctor’s advice. Therapeutic effect of travelling pulse electromagnetic field ALMAG-02 due to analgesic, antiedematous, anti-inflammatory and stimulating metabolism effect.

    Version 2 has the same main part as Version 1 and is distinguished just by the presence of a Local Oscillator (LO).

    Additional local oscillator (LO):

    Local emitters created in order to conduct an impact on deep-seated bodies and a relatively small area. These problems can be solved thanks to the following specifications:

    – Diameter of the radiator 21 cm;

    – Penetration depth of the generated magnetic field – up to 20 cm, which allows the impact of even the most deeply located organs (stomach, liver, pancreas);

    – A sufficiently high power pulsed magnetic field – up to 45 mT.
    Due to the inclusion in the package to significantly expand opportunities ALMAGa-02.The number of programs increases from 50 to 79. It becomes possible to treat diseases that have not previously been treated ALMAGom-02 version 1.

    This treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – (gastritis, peptic ulcer, liver and gall bladder), ENT diseases, may be mentioned separately chronic thrombophlebitis complicated by trophic disorders (trophic ulcers), skin diseases, almost all of arthrosis-arthritis of small and medium-sized joints, the effects of trauma.

    Indications for use of ALMAG-02:
    Nervous system diseases:

    Neurocirculatory dystonia of hypertensive type.


    Transitory transient cerebral ischemic attacks and related syndromes.

    Lesions of individual nerve root and plexus upper and lower extremities.

    Alcoholic polyneuropathy.

    Diabetic polyneuropathy.

    Postherpetic neuropathy.

    Reynaud’s syndrome (a syndrome of “dead fingers” on his arm).

    Diseases of the ear, nose and throat:

    Chronic maxillary sinusitis (sinusitis), chronic sinusitis, frontal sinuses (sinusitis).

    Acute and chronic Eustachian (salpingootitis).

    Acute laryngitis.

    Chronic laryngitis.

    Sensorineural hearing loss.

    Diseases of the circulatory system:

    Hypertonic disease.

    Stable angina pectoris I-II FC.


    The consequences of cerebrovascular disease.

    Atherosclerotic vascular disease, deforming or obliterating endarteritis.

    Atherosclerotic (circulatory) encephalopathy.

    Varicose veins.

    Deep vein thrombophlebitis leg.

    Chronic thrombophlebitis, accompanied by trophic disorders.

    Chronic lymphedema (lymphatic edema).

    Respiratory diseases:

    Viral pneumonia.

    Bacterial pneumonia.

    Chronic bronchitis is acute stage.

    Asthma and COPD.

    Pleural effusion (after removal of fluid from the pleural cavity, three days after thoracocentesis).

    Diseases of the digestive system:

    Reflux esophagitis.

    Peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

    Gastritis and duodenitis.

    Chronic hepatitis.

    Toxic liver damage, unspecified.

    Irritable colon without diarrhea.

    Alcoholic liver disease.


    Biliary dyskinesia.

    Dyskinesia of the gallbladder (cholecystopathies without gallstones).

    Chronic pancreatitis.

    Operated stomach syndrome.

    Postcholecystectomical syndrome.

    Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue:

    Keloid scars.


    Limited neurodermatitis, pruritus, urticaria, eczema, atopic dermatitis, prurigo, atopic dermatitis.



    Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue:





    Osteoarthritis of the first metacarpophalangeal, carpal joint.

    External (“tennis elbow”) and internal (“golfer’s elbow”), shoulder epicondylitis.

    Frozen periarthrosis.

    Acute trofonevrotic bone atrophy (syndrome Zudeka).


    Tietze syndrome (aseptic inflammation of rib cartilage in the attachment of the rib to the breastbone, most II-IV edges with a painful thickening).

    Osteochondropathy (Kohler’s disease, Kienbock’s disease, Perthes disease, a disease Schlatter’s disease Koenig).

    Ankylosing spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis).

    Artrozoartrit temporomandibular joint.

    Periostoz heel (plantar fasciitis), heel spurs.

    Joint contractures (Dupuytren contracture).

    Rheumatoid arthritis.

    Posterior cervical sympathetic syndrome.

    Vertebra-basilar syndrome.

    Syndrome of vertebral myelopathy.

    Osteoporosis with pathological fracture.

    Osteoporosis without pathological fracture.

    Diseases of the genitourinary system:

    Chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis (tubulo and tubular lesions caused by drugs and heavy metals).

    Kidney stones and urethral.


    Salpingitis and oophoritis


    Wounds (after surgical treatment).

    Posttraumatic hematoma (2-3 days after injury).

    Injuries to the elbow and forearm.

    Dislocation, sprain and strain capsule – elbow ligament apparatus.

    Dislocation of the radial head.

    Traumatic rupture radial collateral ligament.

    Tensile strain and capsule – elbow ligament apparatus.

    Injury of nerves at the forearm.

    Injury of ulnar nerve at the forearm.

    Injuries to the wrist and hand.

    Bruised finger (s) of the brush without damaging the nail plate.

    Bruised finger (s) of the brush with the damage the nail plate.

    Injuries involving multiple body regions.

    Superficial injury of several areas of the upper limb (s).

    Superficial injury of several areas of the bottom (they) limb (s).

    Injuries to the coccyx, the hip and thigh.

    Bruised thigh.

    Coccyalgia traumatic.

    Bruising and other refined unspecified part of tibia.

    Multiple superficial injuries shin.

    Dislocation of the knee joint.

    Injuries to the ankle and foot ankle.

    Bruised finger (s) of the foot without damaging the nail plate.

    Bruised finger (s) of the foot with damage to the nail plate.

    Multiple superficial injuries of ankle joint and foot.

    Dislocation of the ankle joint.

    Rupture of ligaments at ankle and foot.

    Tensile strain and ankle ligaments.

    Injury of nerves at the ankle and foot.

    Trauma outer [lateral] plantar nerve.

    Internal injury [medial] plantar nerve.

    Injury of deep peroneal nerve at the ankle and foot.

    Trauma few nerves at ankle and foot.

    Trauma long extensor tendons of his fingers and at the ankle and foot.

    Trauma of several muscles and tendons at ankle and foot.

    Injury to other muscles and tendons at ankle and foot.


    Bleeding and coagulopathy.

    Systemic diseases of the blood.

    Malignant neoplasm.

    Severe cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal tachyarrhythmia).

    Cardiac aneurysm, the aorta and large vessels, myocardial infarction.

    Acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

    Suppurative processes, the active tuberculous process, infectious disease in the acute stage, febrile illness.





    On the background of course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the presence of stents, the state after coronary artery bypass grafting, in the presence of titanium structures – application of pulsed magnetic field apparatus ALMAG-02 is not contraindicated!

    Disclaimer: This information is not intended to replace health care advice of a physician. No statements made herein are intended to diagnose or treat by this organization. Almag-02 listed with FDA as a biofeedback device, human illness. If you have pain, fatigue, discomfort or any disease, please see your doctor. Though pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices have been evaluated and given 510(k) clearance by FDA, the Almag-02 has not been evaluated.
    In 1979 the FDA approved non-invasive devices using pulsed electromagnetic fields designed to stimulate bone growth. In 1991, PEMF Therapy was approved in the US for adjunctive use in the palliative treatment of postoperative pain and edema in superficial soft tissue.

    In 2004, pulsed electromagnetic field system was approved by FDA as an adjunct to cervical fusion surgery in patients at high risk for non-fusion.

    The use of PEMF stimulation has been found to be safe. It has also been proven safe and effective in treatment of delayed union in long bone fractures and patients at a risk of non-union following spinal fusion surgeries.

    Magnetic and electromagnetic fields are now recognized by the 21st century medicine as real physical entities that promise the healing of various health problems.

    ALMAG-02 made in Russia 

    CE and ISO approval in Europe

    * FDA registration in the U.S