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physiotherapy treatment in delhi

Full Body PEMF Mattress

Low Field Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Helmet for depression

Almag 01 PEMF Device FDA registered

Almag 02 PEMF Device FDA registered

Physiotherapy at our therapy centre

Physiotherapy....We Treat Injuries Others Can not Fix. Successfully Treating Difficult Injuries

knee pain relief without surgery

vericose veins, diabetic wound, diabetic retinopathy , diabetic neuropathy , non healing wound

depression treatment

Low field transcranial magnetic stimulation for all neurological and psychiatric problems

get best treatment for pain

We makes no medical claims as to benefit of our device and methods

back pain treatment

Hair growth laser device FDA registered technology

Knee And Shoulder Pain Therapeutic Device, Usage: Household

emtech PEMF device

Omi pemf whole body mattress

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I Would like to let you know, Hoow your PEMF treatment has helped me. I was diagnosed with Arthiritis, and Also have some other issues. I was very hesitant on purchasing this as I really did not think it would be of any benefit to myself. Anyway, I did make a purchase from you and have not have not regretted that decision. I have more energy now and feel I do need to take any medicine for Arthiritis.
Thank You,

I was suffering from back ache from 1 month, consultated with many doctors, but no result finally came to know about PEMF Bingo... My back ache is gone now 

Life is not to live, but to be well. Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it. 

A sound mind in a sound body; if former be the glory of the latter, the latter is indispensable to the former. 

The PEMF therapy centre at green park extension  is a temple for all health conscious citizens of the city. I know it for quite sometime. you go there, take care of your health; you no right to neglect it, and thus become a burden to yourself, and perhaps to others. 

PEMF is not for spines only - its for your physical well being. I experienced it by going there regularly. The ambience, the friendliness of the trainers, the equipments - all worth enjoying. 

I wish all the luck to those who run it. 

Insulin Intake has been reduced , Hypertension is under control , Really Thanks to PEMF therapy centre . an efforts by Almag 02 Which Is a great Help to all. 



PMF treatment in un-united fractures and failed Arthrodeses shows that in 1078 cases treated ,a success of 77 % was achieved ,a higher percentage of theses would have gone for amputation otherwise

- Dr. C.A.L.Besset
New York Orthopedic Hospital,New York

Over 10,000 people treated with PMF therapy are happy to be helped today. Oxygen intake increases 25-27% in sportsmen,over 30% in normal persons. For sick men it is much more

- Dr.Ivan Trong

Pulsating field magneto-therapy will help resolve clinical ,sport and space medicine problems , improves cardiovascular ,nervous, allergic and other diseases, wounds heal faster and mental and physical strains disappear

- Dr.Alexnader Obrosov
Member USSR Academy of Medical Sciences

Pulsating magnetic fields can increase the rate of learning and memory retention.

– Dr.Ross Adey
Veteran Administration Hospital,U.S.A

The infection in the bone could be cured in exactly half the time by electromagnetic technique. As compared to antibiotic technique “&”Electromagnetic technique has no side effects.

- Dr.D.K.Belsare
Prof.& Dean of Bio Sciences,
Bhopal University

In diabetic foot ulcers “excellent results were obtained with two sittings per week in two weeks”& ”in all cases the patients had improvement in wound healing

- Dr.V.U.Seethi (Orthopedic Surgeon)
E.M.S Memorial Hospital

In my studies with PMF therapy I found favorable response and reduction in the grade if spasticity in Spastic diplegics,improvement in associated symptoms in migraine and reduction in frequency and intensity in Seizure Disorders

- Dr. C.R.Ramaswamy
Consult Physician and Retd.Prof.of Therapeutics,
Govt.Stanley Medical College,Chennai.

We have treated nearly 50 CP-Spastic children on pulsatron since july-06. Nearly 50% reduction in muscle spasm in all cases and No epileptic fits in children ,after treatment ,Antiepileptic drugs for these children have been stopped.We are happy with PMF treatment on “Pulsatron” We are going to take up more cases and indications for treatment soon .

- Dr.Ruta M.Kulkarni(M.S Ortho)

Pulsatron(pulsed magnetic field) machine is being used for 3 years in physiotherapy Dept for osteoporosis ,non and delayed union,Rheumatid Arthritis in theses conditions results are excellent. I found good result in even in Bed sores and chronic painful conditions.

-Dr.B Pradhan Physiotherapist ,
Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Hospital (Central Railway.Byculla ,Mumbai)

This is for information of the concerned that I have been using PULSATRON(Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy)machines (two units)for the last 6 six years.More than 1000 cases from different faculties have been treated successfully .Scientific paper have been presented at local, state & national conferences.

- Dr. A .K Singhal
Healing Touches Hospital and Nursing Home

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field is effective in enhancing fracture healing .This is done by local synthesis of growth factors which enhance endochondral bone healing. It is Non-invasive and useful clinically for treatment of fractures and non unions.

- P.R.J.V.C Boopalan
Department of Orthopedics III,Christian Medical College, Vellore ,India

- Samuel Bedford Chittaranjan
Department of Orthopedics III,Christian Medical College, Vellore ,India

- Balamurugan Ramadass
Welcome Trust Research Laborartory,Christian Medical college ,Vellore

- N S Nandakumar
Welcome Trust Research Laborartory,Christian Medical college ,Vellore

- Angela Manuel
Department of Biomedical Engineering, Satyabama Engineering College,Chennai